the Council for National Government Properties

The Real Estate Council of the Netherlands(RVR) was founded in 2001. In the Council  various departments of government are working together in the field of real estate. The founding organizations were the Service for Land Water Management (DLG), The Directorate-General for Public Works and water Management (RWS), both of the ministry of Economics, Agriculture an Innovation, the former State Property Department (Domeinen) of the Ministry of Finance, The Government Buildings Agency (RGD) of the ministry of Interior Affairs an Kingdom relations and the Defense Infrastructure Agency (DVD) of the ministry of Defense. In 2008 ProRail, the National Forest Service (SBB) and the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum seekers (COA) joined the Council.

In 2009, partly on the initiative of RVR established Joint Development Company merged with the State Property Department to the State Property and Development Agency (RVOB).

The Council is therefore by itself evolving collaboration of different agencies that use real estate as an important tool in their business process in realizing governmental policies or agencies that focus mostly on processes related to real estate.

All departments together buy annually about half a billion euro’s in land and buildings. Approximately the same amount consist of  the annual sales of real estate, through the RVOB. Although the Netherlands is small sized, prosperity drives us to build for example highways, wind farms and government offices.

This calls for a pooling of knowledge and information from the various real estate sections of the State. Understanding each other's positions and proposed real estate transactions may prevent departmental interests to collide and property prices to inflate unintentionally. Exchange of expertise makes the State also a strong player in the property market.