RVR Services

In the Real Estate council of the Netherlands (RVR) seven public real estate agencies and their respective ministery, are working together in buying, selling and management of real estate owned and used  by the government for public purposes:

  • Service for Land and Water management (Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation)
  • Central Government Real Estate Agency (Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations)
  • Directorate-General for Public Works and Water management (Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment)
  • ProRail BV (Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment)
  • National Forest Service (Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation)
  • Central Agency for the reception of Asylum Seekers (ministry of Justice).
  • National Police (ministry of Justice)

RVR is responsible for the intensification and structuring of the cooperation between real estate and property managers of the state.

Starting points are:

  • Make the state more effective as a player on the land market,
  • Operate more powerfully and internally better organized;

The RVR will set progress strategic and operational activities.
The RVR will coordinate implementing regulations and policy rules for real estate that can bind the involved services.